The Challenge

Franciscan Health System, one of the Pacific Northwest’s leading health care networks, asked us to augment ongoing advertising to engage moms-to-be and ultimately help increase the number of births at Franciscan Family Birth Centers.

Adorable and Effective

Franciscan Family Birth Centers tapped us to help drive up Facebook likes and shares. And how better to get moms’ attention than with baby photos? We extended campaign creative to the Franciscan Family Birth Centers’ Facebook page and launched a baby photo contest, inviting visitors to post baby photos of their children, or of themselves as a child. The contest goal was twofold: to grow Facebook presence – the goal was 2,400 new page likes – and start a conversation now with women who may have a child later.


The 8-week contest was a huge success, netting 9,169 new likes, far exceeding the goal. And weeks after the contest ended, the page continues to hold a steady fan base. Now, Franciscan Family Birth Centers has an added way to reach prospective moms-to-be going forward.



“We shattered our goal by four times with the number of new Facebook fans, laying the groundwork for future social success.”

Molly Musler | Social Media Strategist