The Challenge

Logicalis, an international IT solutions and managed services provider, needed to break through to senior technical and business decision makers, introduce their Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) capabilities, and generate qualified leads and appointments for their sales team.

Getting Personal

We teamed up with the Logicalis team to create something memorable that would be saved on the desks of decision makers – a strategic “clutter buster” direct mail campaign with a high value offer. The envelope contained a pop-up-cube that sprung open to promote the benefits of VDI on each side and was a keepsake for recipients. In addition, there was a personalized card sent with a personalized URL (pURL) to drive the decision maker to their unique landing page to schedule an appointment. This was followed up with additional email and telemarketing support.


Results included a high response rate and landing page visit to appointment conversion of 67% (91 out of 135). Another high conversion of 66% (60 out of 91) completed the appointment request.




“Compelling creative, paired with personalization across direct mail and email, elevated campaign response beyond typical campaign expectations. The email follow-up on direct mail gave us additional opportunities to test and refine messaging based on initial results.”

Jeff Welsh | Principal