The Challenge

Microsoft needed end-to-end improvement of its Windows device storytelling, from messaging to collateral. We were given the opportunity to produce content for a wide range of uses, from customizable collateral and demo videos, to retail use and online – plus a suite of creative assets such as banner ads, e-mailers, and flyers so Microsoft and its partners had the tools to reach customers and prospects wherever they are.

Helping Featured Devices Shine

Our solution included a multipurpose messaging template for housing headlines, feature messages and narrative sales copy, then development of copy for up to 80 devices each selling season. Collateral materials included flyers, web banners and e-mailers and featured multiple images of each featured device and imagery of user personas, plus a color palette for personal consumers and business users to garner attention.


The result was crisp, clever copy and visually-compelling, consistently-branded collateral has received very positive feedback for its ease of use and visual impact; and the number of groups within Microsoft able to use the content has increased.




“We enjoy the challenge each season to differentiate new featured devices through messaging targeted to personal computer users and business decision makers alike.”

Linda Ryall | Content Strategist