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eGuide: 3 steps to creating standout virtual collateral

Free guide on creating free guides that work at work.
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eGuide: Get schooled on social media

How to connect with your audience, drive traffic and generate leads via social media.
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eGuide: 3 things you’ve got wrong about advertising to millennials

Myths about marketing to the youngest adults.
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eGuide: How to create a buyer persona

Increase your marketing effectiveness with buyer personas.
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Template: Develop buyer personas for your business

Get on the path to effective audience segmentation with this customizable template.

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eGuide: Inconsistency is a brand’s biggest adversary

Free checklist to determine if you need to rebrand, refresh or relax.

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eGuide: Anatomy of effective direct mail

How to structure your letter or postcard to get the best return.

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eBook: How to launch an inbound marketing campaign

Take the first step to increasing traffic and conversions on your website.

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eGuide: Make the most of your website with 4 tips from party planners

Handy guidance for your new or refreshed website.

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eGuide: Adopt a journalist mindset to win on LinkedIn

Generate increased engagement and new sales leads in a few simple steps.

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eGuide: 8 things to know about marketing to baby boomers

Baby boomers offer huge marketing potential. Learn how to increase engagement and sales leads.

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